COUPLES CONNECT (75 minutes): Couples yoga is about giving and receiving. Enjoy a sense of fun and play, while learning to build trust as you hold, support and balance your bodies and breath in unison. It is sure to help you deeply reconnect with your partner and introduce you to new tools for staying connected.

  • Increase intimacy
  • Develop a trusting relationship
  • Improve communication

PARTNER YOGA (60 minutes): Whether it’s your first class or if you’re a yogic expert, doing yoga in partnership can strengthen bonds and develop connections that translate into more trusting powerful duos. Appropriate for relationships of all kinds.

  • Supportive yoga practice
  • Fun and playful yoga
  • Strengthen bonds

LOVE MY DADDY/ MOMMY & ME YOGA (50 minutes): Extend the parent-child bond. Yoga is a great way to be playful, have fun, and bond.

  • Great expression of love
  • Playful bonding experience
  • Share tender moments

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Legal Disclaimer: I am a spiritual practitioner, not a doctor. You should consult with your doctor before doing the programs and practices. Clients who are ready, willing and able to move forward with their own healing journey have experienced improvements in their health and well-being.