INTUITIVE READING (30 mins, 45 mins & 60 minutes): Clarity and guidance for life direction from a spiritual prospective. If you’ve ever wanted a little more insight into what’s inside and ahead, Charu’s intuitive readings can support life planning and emotional wellness. Available for individuals & couples. Individuals: $70, $90 and Couples: $130

  • Do you want to get unstuck?
  • Offers clarity, guidance and direction on life planning

MANIFEST PARTY (60-90 minutes): This is a vision board for the soul type of party! Done in groups of 4 or more, this class is perfect for designing a tangible plan for achieving your goals.

Witness changes in your life! With visions, ideas, goals, and affirmations. What do you desire?

A fun and interactive group activity. Group power and support as you put your visions down.

Come alone or bring your family to join you. Manifest a family goal or manifest your life desires.

Manifest party prep will be given before party date.

We will do badass breathing exercise to get you in the right mind and heart space to manifest. And positive affirmations to nudge you in the right direction.

Share laughs and stories as we lay down our visions.

Have a glass of wine or tea whatever beverage you desire in this casual yet effective setting to manifest things in your life.

Manifest party: 1 to 1hr 30min

  • Great mindful group activity
  • Creative co-collaboration
  • Thrust your life forward

Akashic Records Guided Meditation Journey: Are you interested in Akashic records guided meditation journey? Book your slot now!!

  • Akashic Records
  • A Spiritual Journey
  • It’s a Journey to Self

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