Guided instruction and motivation over the 6-week period so you can meet your life goals. Twelve live-video practice sessions with me.

If you need a challenge and a Coach to hold you accountable then this program is for you. A lot of practice is involved that requires your daily commitment.

Practices: yoga movements, yoga breathing exercise, diet/food and more.

It’s a plan to take you from feeling not so great to getting your Swag Back!

The highlight of the Get My Swag Back program is Yoga Nidra. Weeks of ongoing personal transformation puts you in the right position to be open for insight during Yoga Nidra. Expect further progression, wellness, and success to start happening in your life within 6-weeks.
Program can be repeated.

What you get:

  • Private live-video sessions for personal attention
  • 6-Week “Better Food Choice” Ebook raise your vibration (Value $15)
  • Bonus 1: Yoga & Breathing E-book ($15)
  • Bonus 2: Yoga Nidra for further progression


You will learn both dynamic and therapeutic breathing practices. Read the description for Badass Breathing program, same benefits.

10 weeks online program (pre-recorded videos): Maintain the pace in your life, you don’t have to travel far to places like India or leave your commitments to experience a healthy transformation.

It’s right at your fingertips pre-recorded videos for your convenience.

You will learn both dynamic and therapeutic breathing practices.

  • Get in touch with your breath
  • Go deeper spiritually
  • Balance mental and emotional wellness


Master your life through the Chakras 

There are different lineages of chakra practice and systems. I do the Vedic traditional chakra practice which focuses on the world we live in and how to manage it. The challenges in daily life. By inviting chakra practice into your life you get to work on yourself from a mental point of view. 

When do we ever get to think so deeply about the way we do daily things like eat, love/sex, sleeping habits, and survival of life. 

Chakras are prana – life energy, thoughts and connected to the 5 elements. Chakra activation can be done through breathing exercises, yoga asanas, mantras and thought observation.

If you cannot focus on all seven chakras work on heart chakra and third-eye chakra. These two chakras will connect you to divine energy and take you to a higher understanding of yourself and others. 

Practice all seven chakras active meditation over a period of seven weeks. One chakra 2 times per week. Live-stream virtual practice sessions with me.

Go from being in Beta state of mind to Alpha Turya state of mind where all things are possible! Connect to your higher power in active chakra meditation.

In chakra meditation face your pain and problems and turn them into positive action. Put your dreams and desires out there and receive subtle messages and signs for healing, growth, and success. Train the mind to paint your vision on an empty canvas.

The point is not to get awesome at meditation, but how meditation makes you awesome in the world!

What you get:

  • Chakra connected to human attributes
  • Chakra colours and how they make you feel
  • Chakra location in the body
  • Chakra beej mantras
  • Master energy locks Mahabandh. Throat lock, stomach lock and root lock.
  • Yoga connected to chakra
  • Breath-work
  • Live-stream virtual sessions – up to 1hr. The practice is meditative. Sitting on a yoga mat or chair. Build a relationship with all seven energy centres that reside within you.
  • BONUS: One free – Intuitive chakra reading during our sessions. I read energies. Find out where you have energy blocks within the psychic body. This helps you alongside the chakra meditation practice. We will do this early in the practice so you can see your growth.
  • BONUS: Instructions for home practice (email communication) You won’t feel lost when we’re not practicing together. Maintain your practice at home with weekly instructions.

Breathing sessions with Breath Coach, Charu


You get four live-video practice sessions with me your breathing coach, Charu.

First, we’ll have a discovery session to see where your breaths are.

How’s your CO2 tolerance? Are your lungs capacity and breath control good?

We’ll also talk about breathing practices suited for you depending on your lifestyle, emotional or well-being needs.

Learn three styles of breath-work. Active stimulating breathing, balancing breathing, and calming relaxing breathing exercises.

Because of the simplicity of breath we don’t recognize its value. Breathing is pretty badass! Without it we’re not alive. All body functions rely on breathing. Animals breathe at their full capacity. We can learn to as well.

Learn to optimize CO2. Yogic breathing is about increasing CO2 with slow breathing exercises. Cool, calm and collected state.

Humans have created all kinds of disease because of bad breathing, lack of mindfulness, diet and exercise. Proper breathing needs to be taught so you can be healthier overall. Did you know we have enough O2 oxygen, we need to work on the exhales, huh!

Breathing will not only correct disease but it’s the bridge between you and spirituality connecting you to your higher vibrational energy.

Breathing is connected to prana- life energy, it also connects to the five elements we’re made up of. Prana is your powerhouse. When you harness breathing practices it will rid you of blocks and fears, destress you, and balance emotions.

With yogic breathing we get a greater supply of prana stored in our brains and nervous system. Psychic powers develop. The radiance and light that you are becomes visible to others.

Studies have shown that pranayama -breathing exercises regenerate cells all the time. Deep breathing helps the immune system regenerate cells in order to fight infection. To reduce inflammation in the body generating energy is needed, an important source for this energy is oxygen.

We also focus on relaxing breathing exercises to kick in the parasympathetic nervous system by breathing slowly.

Benefits of breath-work:

  • Be in a cool, calm and collected state
  • Better mental, physical and emotional well-being
  • De-stress
  • Improve nervous system- parasympathetic nervous system
  • Connect with your prana- life force energy
  • More energy throughout the day

Convenient live-video breathing sessions with Charu.

I highly suggest that you reach out to me for a discovery session to see where your breaths are. We’ll also talk about breathing practices suited for you depending on your lifestyle, emotional or well-being needs.

Group Events – Connect for pricing!

Legal Disclaimer: I am a spiritual practitioner, not a doctor. You should consult with your doctor before doing the programs and practices. Clients who are ready, willing and able to move forward with their own healing journey have experienced improvements in their health and well-being.

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