Physical Yoga (45 minutes):

A combination of yoga movements for all body types and fitness levels.

Start with standing foundation poses.
Gain mind-body balance. Deeper connection with self, and increase flexibility.

Yoga tones and strengthens muscles with longer posture holds while working with your breath.

Restorative yoga practice for those looking to slow down, stretch, and reduce body pain.

Physical Yoga Packages

  • 8 sessions 1mnth $240
  • 12 sessions 6-weeks $350
  • 16 sessions 2mnth $385

BUSY BODY (25 minutes):

Sitting and typing all day has negative effects on mind-body wellness. To increase balance and improve circulation, it is important to create movement throughout the workday. This class works with busy people who have a limited time to get the body moving. Schedule to fit early morning or mid-day work schedules. Movements include energetic breath work, chair and standing yoga.

  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase focus and concentration

BADASS BREATHING (30 minutes):

I teach a 4-part Yoga Breathing program – Badass Breathing for stress relief, digestion, energy, deep sleep, detox, blood circulation and increase lung capacity. It’s a 30min weekly live-video session for four consecutive weeks. It’s very simple to run on zoom etc, and you’ll get amazing results. Interested?

4-part Badass Breathing program $150

    Detox the body
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Enhance lung capacity
  • Breathe your way to better health
  • Improve Digestion
  • Better sleep

CHAKRA CHARGE (30 Minutes):

An introductory Chakra practice to charge up your energies for the day. Get a taste of the inner energies at work. Benefits: mental clarity, healing, and be more open to life.

Chakra Charge intro four sessions $150 

  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Heal yourself
  • Be more open to life


Guided instruction and motivation over the 6-week period so you can meet your life goals. Twelve live-video practice sessions with me.

If you need a challenge and a Coach to hold you accountable then this program is for you. A lot of practice is involved that requires your daily commitment.

What you get:

  • Private live-video sessions for personal attention
  • 6-Week “Better Food Choice” Ebook raise your vibration (Value $15)
  • Bonus 1: Yoga & Breathing E-book ($15)
  • Bonus 2: Yoga Nidra for further progression


You will learn both dynamic and therapeutic breathing practices. Read the description for Badass Breathing program, same benefits.

10 weeks online program (pre-recorded videos): Maintain the pace in your life, you don’t have to travel far to places like India or leave your commitments to experience a healthy transformation.

It’s right at your fingertips pre-recorded videos for your convenience.

You will learn both dynamic and therapeutic breathing practices.

  • Get in touch with your breath
  • Go deeper spiritually
  • Balance mental and emotional wellness


Master your life through the Chakras 

There are different lineages of chakra practice and systems. I do the Vedic traditional chakra practice which focuses on the world we live in and how to manage it. The challenges in daily life. By inviting chakra practice into your life you get to work on yourself from a mental point of view. 

What you get:

  • Chakra connected to human attributes
  • Chakra colours and how they make you feel
  • Chakra location in the body
  • Chakra beej mantras
  • Master energy locks Mahabandh. Throat lock, stomach lock and root lock.
  • Yoga connected to chakra
  • Breath-work
  • Live-stream virtual sessions – up to 1hr. The practice is meditative. Sitting on a yoga mat or chair. Build a relationship with all seven energy centres that reside within you.
  • BONUS: One free – Intuitive chakra reading during our sessions. I read energies. Find out where you have energy blocks within the psychic body. This helps you alongside the chakra meditation practice. We will do this early in the practice so you can see your growth.
  • BONUS: Instructions for home practice (email communication) You won’t feel lost when we’re not practicing together. Maintain your practice at home with weekly instructions.

Private Coaching

Why work with me, Charu your Yogi Coach?

  • I’ve been on the Mind-body path for 15+ years and have a very deep understanding of body to spiritual connection.
  • It’s my calling to help you be better in the world.
  • I’m a certified Yoga teacher, Breathing Coach, and Medical Intuitive. 
  • I’m continuously educating myself in the most progressive fields of holistic practices.
  • I lead with the energy of creating transformation led by my intuition.
  • I’ve helped hundreds of people over the years.

Medical Intuitive

MEDICAL INTUITIVE is alternative medicine. As a practitioner, I use my self-intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition through the use of insight. In addition healing is provided.

Available for individuals & couples
Individuals: $90
Couples: $150


COUPLES CONNECT (75 minutes): Couples yoga is about giving and receiving. Enjoy a sense of fun and play, while learning to build trust as you hold, support and balance your bodies and breath in unison. It is sure to help you deeply reconnect with your partner and introduce you to new tools for staying connected.

PARTNER YOGA (60 minutes): Whether it’s your first class or if you’re a yogic expert, doing yoga in partnership can strengthen bonds and develop connections that translate into more trusting powerful duos. Appropriate for relationships of all kinds.

LOVE MY DADDY/ MOMMY & ME YOGA (50 minutes): Extend the parent-child bond. Yoga is a great way to be playful, have fun, and bond.

MANIFEST PARTY (60-90 minutes): This is a vision board for the soul type of party! Done in groups of 4 or more, this class is perfect for designing a tangible plan for achieving your goals.

Legal Disclaimer: I am a spiritual practitioner, not a doctor. You should consult with your doctor before doing the programs and practices. Clients who are ready, willing and able to move forward with their own healing journey have experienced improvements in their health and well-being.

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