Master Your Life With Chakra Meditation


Master your life through the Chakras
There are different lineages of chakra meditation and systems. I do the Vedic traditional one. Focus on the world we live in and how to better manage daily challenges.

Invite chakra meditation into your life and work on yourself from within.

What You Get

  • Chakra connected to human attributes
  • Chakra colours and how they make you feel
  • Chakra location in the body
  • Chakra beej mantras
  • Master energy locks Mahabandh. Throat lock, stomach lock and root lock.
  • Yoga connected to chakra
  • Breath-work
  • BONUS: Discounted – Intuitive reading. Find out energy blocks within the psychic body. This helps you alongside your practice.
  • BONUS: Instructions for home practice (email communication).

Master your life through the Chakras

When do we ever get to think so deeply about the way we do daily things like eat, love/sex, sleeping habits, and survival.

Chakra activation can be done through breathing exercises, yoga asanas, mantras and thought observation, meditation.

If you cannot focus on all seven chakras work on heart chakra and third-eye chakra. These two chakras will connect you to divine energy and take you to a higher understanding of yourself and others.

Go from being in Beta state of mind to Alpha Turya state of mind where all things are possible! Connect to your higher power in chakra meditation.
Face pain and problems and turn them into positive action. Put your dreams and desires out there and receive subtle messages and signs for healing, growth, and success.

The point is not to get awesome at meditation, but how meditation makes you awesome in the world

7 sessions – $210

4 sessions – $120

Single session $50

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