Asana Movement for busy bodies – focus on
mind-body management
Breath Breathe NOW – Breathe your way to
better health
Chakra Explore the vibration of color – Reflect
and connect to the inner energies


A Modern Yogi is yoga for the busy body. The A.M.Y way moves beyond physical yoga into total body wellness.
The A.M.Y experience is about EVERYTHING: A full transformation of career, finances, relationships, spiritual growth, physical and mental health.

A.M.Y Stretch and Move

A.M.Y routines are designed to get the body moving. Great for beginners or the experienced.

Breathing Programs

Breathing exercises to increase energy, rejuvenate cells and support pain management.

Chakra Meditation

One-of-a-kind practical tools for spiritual & mental wellness.

Intuitive Reading

Clarity and guidance for life direction from a spiritual prospective.


 AMY routines are crafted for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our approach to Yoga keeps mind-body management relevant for an easy blend into modern day living. A Modern Yogi practice of movement, breath and spiritual oneness follow ancient tried-and-true spiritual guidance using a modern teaching style.

A.M.Y Stretch & Move

Interested in toning and strengthening? This is the program for you! Great for restorative therapeutic practices.

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Breathing Programs

Yogic breathing shifts the energies of the mind. Learn dynamic and calming breathing exercises.

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Chakra Meditation

Deeply connect to the inner energies. Make real changes to your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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Intuitive Reading

Do you want to get unstuck? Intuitive readings offers clarity, guidance and direction on life planning.

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A Modern Yogi : A Different Kinda Memoir

In addition to being an international Yogi, Charu Puri is also an author. Her book fast becoming a popular client favorite. A Modern Yogi: A Different Kinda Memoir, is the evocative life story of Charu Puri, who travels from Canada to India to enlightenment. Her story is that of a remarkable young woman, a regular girl turned clairvoyant. A Modern Yogi: A Different Kinda Memoir is available at

Audio Book: 10 Gems to A Modern Yogi Living

Portable motivation for daily mindfulness. Become more aware of your consciousness. Listen in any order, each Gem is guaranteed to benefit you in each moment. These quick life lessons can instantly shift the energies and position yourself in the direction of healing. Get prepared to do your best in the world.

GET MY SWAG BACK 6-Week Challenge Guide Book

A Modern Yogi’s 6-week Get My Swag Back Challenge helps busy bodies and the occasional unsettled mind, practice mind-body wellness for better quality living. Get healed, transform, and gain success. COMING SOON

A.M.Y Gift Certificates

$75, $150, $250

Give yourself and loved ones the gift of health and wellness with an A.M.Y Gift Certificate Today. For someone who’s new to Yoga or a long-time Yogi.

Gift cards can be used for classes, events, and memberships.


Charu Puri, Yogi Coach
A Modern Yogi is a one stop shop for total body wellness. Our practice is all about accessing the power within! Those tired of hitting dead ends or getting lost on the back roads, look to Charu for direction. Her work is focused on a unique combination of yoga movement, breath-work and active chakra meditation. She has woven these three essential elements into practical and accessible programs.